Meet Jules and Bec Ashmead. Sisters-in-law, running buddies and great friends. Jules and Bec have worked together for twelve+ years, so know about great wine. Together they decided it was time to team up and make a range of wines that they and their friends love to drink. Wines that are fun, fresh and modern; wines that are ready to drink right now; wines that are just seriously delicious!

Jules Ashmead and Bec Ashmead in front of Small Victories cellar door cheers
Meet Jules (left) and Bec (right)

Jules is our leading winemaker. Wine is in her blood, as she comes from a family with five generations of winemakers and winemaking history. Jules has worked at wineries around the world and has a great appreciation for different winemaking techniques and trying new things. As winemaker for Small Victories Wine Co, Jules has worked with some amazing grape growers in a quest to find the best grapes from regions around South Australia. By working directly with the families who grow the grapes, she has been able to select parcels of fruit that sing.

Jules is mum to three boys, Angus, Wills and Louis, and has made a home in the Barossa with her husband Cam and their boys. You’ll see Jules on local streets with her running group early in the morning. She gets back to Rutherglen (country Victoria), to see her family and make some tremendous wines with them, as often as she can.

Bec has a wine marketing background and is our production guru. She knows paper stocks, Pantone colours and wine bottle glass (and a whole lot more). Working with South Australian companies, Bec has brought Small Victories Wine Co to life – and what a bold, fabulously coloured life it is!

Bec is mum to three girls, Charlotte, Sophie and Annabel, and also lives in the Barossa with her husband Al and their girls. She loves a five o’clock glass of wine with a bowl of potato chips, and uses her mornings to be super active – you should see her do chin-ups! And we love it when Bec has baked… seriously the best carrot cake you’ll ever eat.  

And our Brand Manager, Karli, is integral to helping us bring Small Victories Wine Co to life!

Karli Currie, Small Victories Brand Manager
Karli, our Brand Manager

Karli has worked for the Ashmead family, with the Elderton brand, for over nine years, so we know her well. She was the first person we thought of to be Brand Manager for our new project when Small Victories Wine Co was dreamt up. You will see Karli at cellar door and out hosting events, as well as chatting to you on the phone or email if you have any queries.

Karli and her family (husband Brad and sons Archer and Felix) love to spend time with their nearest and dearest. You’ll often see Karli cheering on the sidelines for her boys at all their sporting games, and she loves a morning weights work out at the gym.


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Life’s too short to drink bad wine. So Small Victories Wine Co is committed to making wines that are simply delicious!

As Bec says, “The wines are seriously good but are made with an element of fun. You don’t need to sit around talking about them, instead enjoy the moment as you savour them with friends and loved ones.” 

Our wines are ready to drink right now. You don’t need a cellar to enjoy Small Victories Wine Co – you don’t need to worry about whether you’re opening it too early, or too late. Go ahead, open that bottle tonight. 

We are a proud South Australian family and we celebrate the diversity and quality of grapes grown by other South Australian families. Our grape growers are real people with a passion for what they do. Find the postcode on the label – this is where the grapes are from. There might be some varieties you haven’t heard of before, but we promise they’re delicious! 


All Small Victories Wine Co wines are made vegan friendly – no animal products were used during the making of our wines. Wines are made at the Elderton winery, which has solar power across the production facilities and 100% of the winery water is recycled back onto their vineyards in Nuriootpa.

We have worked with our packaging suppliers to bring you more environmentally friendly packaging. Our bottles are lightweight, requiring less energy to produce the glass and transport the wine to you. We use 100% recycled cardboard for our cartons, and both the cartons and empty wine bottles are able to be recycled by you, when you finish enjoying our wines.

Read more on our sustainability page.


We are lucky to get to do what we love every day. So a key part of Small Victories Wine Co is giving back to the community.

We decided early on that we would like to partner with community organisations or charities, with a portion of tasting fees at Cellar Door to be donated to these organisations. And with every wine purchase you are making a difference as we also donate a portion of each bottle sold. 

Learn more at our blog introducing the current community partners.

people enjoying the Small Victories Wine Co Barossa Valley Cellar Door outdoor area


The old sayings of ‘you can’t succeed if you don’t start’ or ‘a journey of a thousand steps starts with one’ are both goodies, which we often forget in this busy life. So let’s celebrate the small victories along the way. 

Jules and Bec didn’t run a half marathon the day they started running, they both had to work up to it. So celebrate that today you walked 5km. Tomorrow celebrate that you ran 1km without stopping. Then celebrate racing in your first 5k.   

Or maybe you’re juggling family life and work. And today you actually put away the clothes that have been folded on the spare bed for a week. Good on you! That is most definitely a small victory in our book.

We’d love you to share your small victories with us on socials. Use #celebrateyoursmallvictoriestoday and tag us @smallvictorieswineco.

Whatever it is you are working towards, allow yourself to be proud of each achievement along the way, no matter how small you think it might be. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Small Victories Wine Co, and we look forward to sharing many delicious wines with you. 

Celebrate your small victories today!