Welcome to the first edition of food and wine matching with Small Victories Wine Co!

We’d like to start off by saying you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with your food and wine pairings – whilst people might tell you there are ‘rules’, there are not. We each have our own preferences and everyone’s palate is different, so just give it a go! There’s not judgment here.

But if you’d like some guidance, or just some ideas so you don’t need to decide what’s for dinner on Saturday night (Amen to that!), we’ve got you covered.

We’ve just launched our first three wines, so today we’re going to look at those wines and give you some ideas for food and wine matches for whites and rosé.


Our Vermentino is vibrant and fruity with notes of citrus on the nose and palate. So perfect pairings are foods that you would normally squeeze some lemon or lime onto – think fish and chips, guacamole, stirfry and more.

Small Victories Vermentino closeup

Some recipes we love to pair Vermentino with:

Fish and chips with a spicy mayo that you can make at home. Check out this spicy mayo recipe.

Continuing the fish theme, maybe you’d like something clean and fresh – a kingfish ceviche fits this bill. And it is much easier to make that it sounds! Check out this ceviche recipe for inspo.

And check out this delicious meal that was enjoyed at Bec’s home this week – squid ink risotto. This was made by adapting the squid ink paella from the original MoVida cookbook. Maybe you could try this version of squid ink risotto from Miguel.

squid ink risotto with Small Victories Vermentino


Our Pinot Gris is textural and zesty with a savoury finish. Classic pairing suggests fish and shellfish dishes, but as we mentioned earlier, we encourage you to splash out and try new things when pairing food and wine!

Pinot Gris food matches

Some food matches we suggest for Pinot Gris include:

A great big wedge of Manchego – which you may choose to enjoy with or without the rest of the cheese plate trimmings…

For our chilly winter nights, a glass of Pinot Gris is perfect with a hot bowl of potato and leek soup, with a chunk of crusty bread with lots of butter (and salt). Try this recipe for an easy mid-week soup. 

What about some home-made sushi? In this video Adam Liaw talks about having hand rolled sushi at home, with a handy recipe. It’s also a fun way to get kids involved in making their own food and a small victory would be having them eat everything on their plate, as they made it themselves!


Our Rosé is crisp and juicy with hints of strawberries and cream in the aroma, and zesty red fruits and a savoury finish on the palate.

This makes it a great match for lighter savoury dishes like quiche, antipasto plates and chicken salad. You could also pair with salmon or prawn dishes, or simply a fabulous tin of Ortiz Anchovies.

Small Victories Rose close up

We think a small victory would be pairing this Rosé with lobster rolls for a decadent afternoon snack! Check out this recipe from Gourmet Traveller Magazine for some inspo.

Another recipe you might like to try with our Rosé features asparagus with a cream sauce.

And we think an easy mid-week dinner match is simply a bowl of spaghetti with a tomato sauce. We love this traditional recipe from local Italian restaurant Casa Carboni – Spaghetti con Sugo al Pomodoro.

food matches for Rosé - pasta and Rosé

We hope you’ve found some inspiration with the food and wine matching suggestions we’ve shared to pair with our Small Victories Wine Co whites and rosé.

If you create a great food and wine match, we’d love you to share it with us – tag us @smallvictorieswineco and #celebrateyoursmallvictoriestoday on Instagram or Facebook.