Not all about Christmas movies*, but rather just enjoyable movies, some of which have a bit of Christmas in them.

We have a very large DVD collection at home, courtesy of my husband’s buying habits in the 2000s, so have never been short of something to watch. I love a good Steven Segal movie, a bit of Sly, a bit of comedy – there’s always something we can agree on. But I do love a good romcom, too. So having streaming services has certainly expanded my viewing list.

I do think that these days sitting and watching a movie is such a luxury. It signals a real pause in time, a commitment to do nothing but sit in one spot for about two hours. We really should do more of it.

So here’s a few suggestions of movies and wine matches. Enjoy the ride!

*If you love Christmas movies, keep reading to the end where I’ll share some of my faves.

Small Victories Rosé + Love Actually

I really love Love Actually. I first saw it at Piccadilly cinema in North Adelaide when it was released many moons ago. Every time it’s on the telly I watch it, and now we can all just stream it, I guess.

I think all my favourite scenes happen to have Hugh Grant in them and many therefore also include Martine McCutcheon – love her! And you have to love Bill Nighy’s character.

Why the Rosé? Because it’s pink, like the colour of love. It just makes sense.

movie and wine matches - Love Actually and Small Victories Rosé for the holidays

Small Victories Pinot Gris + Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrmann

It’s got a killer soundtrack (might own the CD) and had a great movie poster (might have that stashed from my childhood bedroom). It’s colourful and loud and gripping and nearly overwhelms the senses at times.

Why the Pinot Gris? It’s a wine that’s textural and zesty yet fresh – just like this film was a fresh take on Shakespeare.

Small Victories Vermentino + The Replacements

Keanu and Gene Hackman plus a whole host of faces you see and think, ‘Oh yeah, I remember you.’ I saw this on the tv in mid-November and couldn’t leave the couch. Love it.

Why the Vermentino? Because we think it’s time for people to replace Sauvignon Blanc with our Vermentino!

Small Victories Sangiovese + Bad Boys, Bad Boys 2 and Bad Boys for Life

In the period between Christmas and New Years where you’re not quite sure what the days is, I think a movie marathon is in order. Funny and action filled, this makes for a great afternoon.  

Why the Sangiovese? The versatility of the Sangiovese as a food wine makes it perfect for a movie marathon, which will require many a snack/meal.

Small Victories Sangiovese South Australian Sangiovese Adelaide Hills

Small Victories Shiraz + The Holiday

Another movie that I watch every time it is on the free to air channels. Starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black, it’s easy to watch and enjoy the characters and has a lovely, happy ending. Perfect for unwinding on the couch on a Friday night.

Why the Shiraz? Like returning to a favourite movie, this Shiraz is just as trusty – returning to something well known which is always very enjoyable.

Small Victories Old Vine Grenache + Casino Royale

We can’t stream the newest Bond movie yet, so let’s watch another.

Why the Old Vine Grenache? Because it’s as smooth as Daniel Craig as James Bond.

If you were here for the Christmas movies…

Of course, there is always the discussion about Die Hard being a Christmas movie. I do love a good Bruce Willis action movie and at our house we will most likely be watching all the Die Hards in the coming month (on DVD of course). So enjoy Die Hard with the Sangiovese as the variety’s name comes from the Latin term for ‘blood of Jove’ and there’s definitely blood in the movie!

I love American ‘holiday’ movies – all the Hallmark movies you can get me. Or even a throwback to ‘A Mom for Christmas’ with Olivia Newton-John from 1990. We can’t always get Hallmark movies in Australia, but I have seen some turning up on Amazon Prime, along with Arthur Christmas, The Santa Clause and Jingle All the Way. I often think of Christmas movies as the nostalgia of Christmas as a younger human.

I did also find last year that Netflix has a very large Season’s Streamings genre listing – there are many Netflix-made Christmas movies, more than an advent calendar’s worth, even! Some are not great, but I have enjoyed a few. There’s a new one out this year with Brooke Shields of all people. For some cheesy, yet enjoyable options, try The Princess Switch + part 2 and 3.

I’ve also heard good things about A Boy Called Christmas, although it’s tricky to BYO to the cinema!

And when you’re sick of movies, there’s always the Boxing Day Test Match. Hooray for all the cricket! Then it’ll be a packet of chips and Vermentino followed by blue cheese with Old Vine Grenache.

So cheers to the festive season! May you have time to sit down and relax.

‘til next year, Jess

Christmas movie and wine matches